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Połączone siły AGRO-MASZ i Agrii

The company Agrii Polska Sp. z o.o has been cooperating with the Agro-Masz company from Strzelce Małe for many years in the field of field experiments.

AGRO-MASZ and Agria joined forces

The research we have carried out so far has been based on the cultivation of oilseed rape and winter cereals. This year, both companies took up another challenge. For the first time, experimental plots were established on grassland. The plots are located in the Tykocin commune, Białystok poviat. The owner - Mr. Artur Wilczewski runs a farm focused on the production of milk with a total area of ​​85 ha, of which 30 ha is allocated to grass mixtures.

The mixtures were sown on May 28, 2021. In one field, all fodder mixtures from the Dalgeta Seed offer have been subjected to research and testing. Barenbrug farm products are characterized by above-average durability, frost resistance and resistance to drought. Each of the mixtures is characterized by a unique selection of components that affect the palatability of the feed and excellent quality parameters. The offered fodder mixtures are a guarantee of high yields with a high protein content and high digestibility. In addition, the content of rye in the composition increases the level of simple sugars necessary in the process of ensiling.

For experiments, we used mixtures for mowing, pasture, mowing and grazing and those that contain very fast-growing species and can be successfully intended for inoculation.

Grass seeds sown with GRASS 300 aggregate with a seeder in a new version; SP230. Grass 300 aggregate with the SP230 seeder is designed for the care of grasslands. It is used for establishing grasslands and for sowing existing ones.

Modern equipment is extremely helpful in fully exploiting the potential of meadows and pastures. This makes it possible to obtain excellent roughage.