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o-firmieThe company AGRO-MASZ Paweł Nowak, as a manufacturer of high-quality agricultural machinery, strives to constantly improve the quality of products and customer service, which is the fundamental principle on which its present-day functioning and future development are based.

The AGRO-MASZ company with its seat in Strzelce Małe has been developing at a constant pace since its establishment in 2006, increasing employment and production every year. This is undoubtedly the result of the continuous improvement of the quality of our products, stimulated by investments in the development of the production base and the growing qualifications of our staff.

We strive to set the rhythm of the hanges that are taking place to meet the requirements of the dynamically developing sector of agricultural production by introducing durable and modern machines to the market. We focus on innovative technologies, solutions based on precision machining to achieve durable products of high quality.

We constantly strive to improve the quality of our products and systematically implement the production of new types of devices in order to be able to offer farmers the most comprehensive offer. We are also marking our presence on foreign markets more and more.

We undertake new challenges, new projects aimed at creating the widest range of modern machines and the highest quality customer service, focusing on the fullest implementation of their needs, on which we base today's functioning and future development of the company.

The video below shows the production process in our company.