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PJ - Single-beam plough

A – Machine base:

  • shear bolt protection against stones
  • furrow widths: 35, 40, 45, 50 cm 
  • frame height 76 cm
  • body distance 85 cm or 100 cm
  • rubber wheel,
  • mouldboards XL, full mouldboards or openwork mouldboards
  • Kverneland 18" shares and breasts
  • shear above the mouldboard

C-Optional equipment:

  • disc coulter 2019 version 
  • cutting knife 1 pc.
  • extension bars for body 1 pc. (not available with openwork mouldboards)
  • skimmers for the whole plough 2017 version:
    > with standard furrow
    >with furrow for corn (unavailable with a disc coulter)
  • additional furrow, bolt protection, full mouldboard
  • additional furrow, bolt protection,open-work mouldboard
  • additional furrow, bolt protection, mouldboard XL type

ModelWorking width (m)Weight (kg)*
Share bolt protection
Weight (kg)*
Spring protection
Power demand (HP)No. of furrows (pcs)Performance (ha/h)Working depth max max (cm)
PJ3 0.96 - 1.32 605 805 60 - 80 3 0.72 - 0.96 25 - 30
PJ4 1.20 - 1.76 715 955 80 - 110 4 or 3+1 0.96 - 1.28 25 - 30
PJ5 1.60 - 2.20 835 1035 110 - 150 5 or 4 + 1 1.20 - 1.60 25 - 30

* The given weight is approximate and may differ from the actual one, depending on the equipment and configuration.


The single-beam ploughs of simple and robust design are ideal where the rotary ploughs do not need to be used.


Each of the single-beam plow range requires only minimal adjustment. The machine does not have to be complicated to ensure the best plowing quality. Limiting the number of regulatory points to the necessary minimum is a great asset that every farmer will appreciate if he wants to reduce the time it takes to complete the work. You fasten the plow and you are ready to act.


Strength characteristics of components such as plowshares or mouldboards, including mainly their abrasion resistance allows users for a long time not to think about replacing. Each blade is made of the best grade steel, which gives you the opportunity to work in extremely difficult conditions.


The plowing capacity and the level of combustion of the tractor depend largely on the working width of the plow. You can easily change the plowing width in our plows by changing the position of the adjusting screw, which determines the working width of each furrow. Without unnecessary effort, you adjust the working width of the plow to the power and type of tractor. The four-stage scale of step adjustment of the width of each body with 35, 40, 45, 50 cm width offers great possibilities.


A strong rubber wheel mounted before the last working section of the plow stabilizes the machine's operation and reliably maintains the set limited working depth determined by means of a smooth adjustment crank.


For each type of soil, in conditions of non-stony or slightly stony fields, the most effective and cheap solution is to protect the bodies against damage with breakable bolts. The screw blocking the body position is cut when the plow body hits a sufficiently large obstacle. Passing the bolt through two pocket plates eliminates the undesirable effect of deformation of the holes in which the bolt is located and does not leave the possibility of the bolt jamming in the structural hole of the body. Replacing the screw is therefore easy.


Spring protection of the body works best on soils where the plow would be exposed to frequent shearing of the fuse bolts. Each body independently reacts to obstacles, and the spring allows to minimize the forces arising during a collision and to quickly return the body to the precisely set working position. The unique technology of making articulated points located on the connection of each body with the pocket allows you to lead plowing in almost any conditions without stress. Each spring forms a system of leaves made of spring steel responsible for maintaining the position of the bodies and their deflection in the event of a force acting on the blade which exceeds that set on the adjustment bolts. Efficient and simple.


When plowing fallow land, meadows or pastures, extension slats mounted on mouldboards are extremely useful.


Increasingly often chosen by farmers as a cheaper replacement for the disc cut.


To achieve the fullest effect of mixing with the soil and covering crop residues, the plow can be equipped with a set of skimmers. Determining the optimal position of their work is possible thanks to multi-step adjustment. The position of the skimmers is easily changed by means of an adjustment screw, which blocks the position of the skimmer. Each skimmer has universal and popular overload protection in the form of a break screw.

Each individual handle of the skimmer is mounted to the main body pocket, which guarantees that the working geometry of the skimmer will be identical to the work characteristics of the body on which it is mounted. Skimmers are particularly well suited to working on corn stubble. When the user decides that the use of shear bars gives a satisfying effect, he can quickly dismantle the skimmers and return to the previous configuration.


Corrugated discs with a diameter of 500 mm for both models with screw and spring protection significantly improve the visual effect of the plow. Cutting the furrow away, the disc coulters condition the furrows most accurately, leaving a clean furrow with smooth walls. The effect of covering crop residues is also increased by the effect of the typefaces. Like every working element, the cuts are also protected against exposure to harsh soil conditions. In this case, the role of the fuse is a spring with adjustable clamping force. On the other hand, toothed adjustment cubes help to obtain the optimal working position of the disc coulter.