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POM - Small rotating plough

A – Basic equipment:

  • Body distance 85 cm
  • Shear bolt protection against stones
  • Furrow widths: 25, 30, 35, 40 cm
  • Frame height 70 cm
  • Full mouldboards
  • Shares and  Kverneland 14" breast
  • Shearer above mouldboard, 
  • Swing cylinder

B2 – Mandatory equipment - Wheel mechanism:

  • Side, copying wheel 175/70 R13

    C – Optional equipment:

    • Additional furrow, bolt protection, full mouldboard
    • Extension bars (2 pcs.)
    • Cutting knives per body (2 pcs.)
    • Skimmers for the whole plough 2017 version: with standard furrow

    ModelWidth (m)Weight (kg)*Power demand (HP)No. of furrows (pcs)Performance (ha/h)Working depth max (cm)
    POM2 0.50 - 0.80 510 40 - 60 2 0.25 - 0.40 30
    POM3 0.75 - 1.20 720 60 - 80 3 0.40 - 0.60 30

    * The given weight is approximate and may differ from the actual one, depending on the equipment and configuration.


    JIf your tractors do not belong to the most powerful, then this plow is created just for you. The two-cab version weighs only 570 kg, while the three-cab version is 720 kg. Tractors with 40 - 80 hp will definitely cope with this machine.


    The future of your crop production direction is safe with robust and efficient machines, and inexpensive. The PO series of plows gives you the certainty of a quick return on costs, allowing you to focus on crops. The rotary plow concept is part of the idea of efficient and fast plowing without unnecessary downtime. While developing the concept of rotary plows, AGRO-MASZ designers focused on the use of the latest technical solutions available, such as a thermally improved frame and construction based on bolted joints to extend the life of the machine. It guarantees reliability for a long time.


    For each type of soil, in conditions of non-stony or slightly stony fields, the most effective and cheap solution is to protect the bodies against damage with breakable bolts. Passing the bolt through two pocket plates eliminates the undesirable effect of deformation of the holes in which the bolt is located and does not leave the possibility of the bolt jamming in the structural hole of the body. Replacing the screw is therefore easy.



    When plowing long-term fallow lands, meadows or pastures, extension bars mounted on mouldboards prove to be extremely useful.


    More and more often chosen by farmers as a cheaper replacement for the disc coulter.


    In order to obtain the fullest effect of mixing with soil and covering crop residues, the plow can be equipped with a set of skimmers. Determining the optimal position of their work is possible thanks to the multi-stage step adjustment. The position of the skimmers is easily changed by means of an adjusting screw, which locks the position of the skimmer. Each skimmer has a universal and popular overload protection in the form of a shear bolt. Each single skimmer holder is mounted to the pocket of the main body, which guarantees that the geometry of the skimmer work will be the same as the operating characteristics of the body on which it is mounted. Skimmers are especially effective in working on corn stubble. When the user finds that the use of cutting strips gives a satisfactory effect of the work, he can quickly dismantle the skimmers and return to the previous configuration.

    Additional furrow

    ( bolt protection, full mouldboard)