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DURO LIGHT - Cultivator

A – Basic equipment:

  • Spring-secured row of working elements
  • Shallow working elements 80 mm + undercutters

C – Optional equipment:

  • Hydropak 2 and 3 cat.

ModelWidth (m)Weight (kg)*Power demand (HP)Number of teeth (pcs)Performance (ha/h)Working depth max (cm)
DURO LIGHT 30 3.0 670 100 - 200 5 2.4 25
DURO LIGHT 40 4.0 810 140 - 280 7 3.2 25

* The given weight is approximate and may differ from the actual one, depending on the equipment and configuration.


The DURO LIGHT conditioner can work to a depth of up to 15 cm with undercutters and up to 25 cm without undercutters. By combining the machine with a disc cultivator and a seeder, you will perform the work comprehensively. This treatment improves water infiltration and soil breathing, which results in revitalization of the entire soil and faster plant growth.


Non-stop. These words include the whole philosophy based on the efficient protection of working elements combined with comfortable operation that does not require frequent operator intervention. For each type of soil, in conditions of non-stony or slightly stony fields, the most effective solution is the double spring system we use to protect each claw.


The cultivator DURO LIGHT can be additionally equipped with a hydropack of categories 2 and 3, which allows for a much larger selection of machine configurations used during field work. Do more work in fewer trips.