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APH - Skimming aggregate with hydraulic protection

A – Basic equipment:

  • Spring or hydraulic protection
  • Three rows of scoops 60 x 25 mm
  • Row of concave springs 60 x 10 mm
  • Working elements for deep work 40 mm wide with undercutters or for shallow work 80 mm wide with undercutters

B1 – Mandatory equipment - Rollers with holders:

  • Tube roller (diameter 500 mm) 9 tubes
  • Tube roller (diameter 500 mm) 12 tubes
  • Packer roller ( diameter 560 mm) 
  • Crosskill roller (diameter 400 mm)
  • Flexi ring roller (diameter 500 mm 60x10 mm)
  • Standard cleaners for flexi ring roller (diameter 500 mm 60x10 mm)
  • Rubber roller (diameter 560 mm) 
  • Tandem roller (400 mm tubular + 400 mm string)
  • Tandem roller (500 mm tubular + 400 mm string)
  • C-section shaft (diameter 500 mm) without cleaner
  • T-ring roller (diameter 500 mm) without cleaners
  • V-ring roller (diameter 500 mm) without cleaners
  • Flexi ring roller (diameter 500 mm 60x10 mm)
  • Chain cleaners (for T-ring and V-ring roller)

    C – Optional equipment:

    • Hydraulic adjustment of working depth
    • Basic lighting

    ModelWidth (m)Weight (kg)*Power demand (HP)No. of tines (pcs)Performance (ha/h)Working depth max (cm)
    AP30 3.0 1400 130 - 160 10 2.1 - 3.0 4 - 30

    * The given weight is approximate and may differ from the actual one, depending on the equipment and configuration.


    The properly shortened construction, high capacity, active protection, deep and shallow stubble field cultivation are the strong arguments that shall convince you to work with our aggregate.


    The combination of the claws in three sections with the double-sided ploughshares and long mouldboard set at the proper angle to the ground in two rows allows achieving the even and intensive mix of the agricultural crop residues. With the opportunity to work also after the disassembly of the ploughshares we achieve the greater working depths. Due to the proper setup of the distances between the beams and the ground clearance the excellent work results can be obtained in all conditions. 


    Non-stop. The two words include the entire philosophy based on the effective protection of the working elements connected with the comfortable operation not requiring the often operator intervention. The system of the suspension spring protection is the most effective solution that we use for every type of the soil in the conditions of the non-stony or slightly stony fields.

    Every scoop reacts independently to the obstacles; the suspension spring minimises the forces arising during the collision and ensures the quick return of the subassembly to the precisely setup working position. Every suspension spring is formed by a system of spring leaves made of spring steel responsible for maintaining the position of the claws and for tilting them when the coulter is affected by the force the value of which exceeds the value set on the adjusting bolts. Effective and simple.


    The effect of the better levelling of the cultivated strips is possible due to the work of the slats made of spring steel. Flexible and effective. In particular on the light soils with the small amount of agricultural crop residues.


    The best soil levelling and compaction can be achieved by selecting an appropriate roller from the wide range of the tillage (finishing) rollers suitable for the various soil conditions. The list of the parameters included in the “ROLLERS” tab can be helpful in this selection. The roller besides the properties resulting from its construction possesses one more important feature - the working depth is adjusted on the roller arms.


    The system of the locking pins of the arm position of the rear roller due to which the working depth of the machine is adjusted can be additionally equipped with the system of the supporting hydraulic cylinders at any time. In this version the working depth of the machine is adjusted in a comfortable manner by controlling the hydraulic system from the tractor cabin.