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SP - Secondary crop seeder

A – Machine base:

  • Aftercrop seeder, speed signal taken from the wheel, computer AD2
  • Aftercrop seeder, speed signal taken from GPS, computer AD2
  • Aftercrop seeder, speed signal taken from the wheel, computer AD2+ (speed
  • regulation of electric fan included)
  • Aftercrop seeder with hydraulic fan, signal taken from the wheel, computer AD2
  • Aftercrop seeder with hydraulic fan, signal taken from GPS, computer AD2

C – Options:

  • Loading step 1 pcs.
  • Mounting base for BT27, BT30
  • Mounting base for BTC30
  • Mounting base for APR
  • Mounting base for AP, AP NON-STOP 21, 30, Runner 30, 35
  • Mounting base for AP NON-STOP 26
  • Mounting base for APSH40
  • Mounting base for APSH50 and APSH60
  • Mounting base for  BT40
  • Mounting base for BTH semi-mounted 2018 version
  • Mounting base for BTC50, BTC60
  • Mounting base for  AT 2018 version
  • Mounting base for  BM75
  • Mounting base for  GRASS 300 (required for Grass 300)
  • Mounting base for Trol 30
  • Set of sowing limiters (required for Grass 300)
  • Copying wheel holder for BM75
  • Electrical fan speed regulation (for AD2 computer) 
  • External control panel cable 6 m
  • External control panel cable 10 m
  • Sowing roller, half-paddle wheels (small amout of seeds per hectar)
  • Sowing roller, wheels for small seeds (e.g. rape, mustard, etc.)
  • Level of seeds sensor (option for "External control panel" only)

ModelNo. of units (pcs)Weight (kg)*Power demand (HP)Working width (m)Capacity  (l)
SP200 8 70 - 2 - 6 200
SP400 8 100 - 2 - 6 400

* The given weight is approximate and may differ from the actual one, depending on the equipment and configuration.

A shot test

The film presenting a shot test

Dosage modification

Dosage change video

Installation of the condition sensor

The video showing the installation of the condition sensor

CoEF seeding factor

CoEF seeding factor film

ISEn status sensor + feeler wheel

ISEn status sensor - for seeder equipped with a depth gauge wheel

Working width

Working width

FAnP blower power

FAnP blower power adjustment option

ISEn + GPS status sensor

ISEn status sensor for GPS-equipped seed drill

Adjustment of the sensor on the uHEE tracking wheel

Adjustment of the sensor on the uHEE tracking wheel

uHEE for seeder with GPS

uHEE for seeder with GPS


The machine allows for spreading catch crops of various types and sizes of granulate. The seeding system is an electric unit that drives a universal seeding shaft with a wide speed adjustment range. The grain is dosed from a 200 or 400 liter tank. The seeding shaft transfers the seed to an eight-channel distributor, where it is pneumatically transported to flexible seed hoses made of plastic, terminated with plates. Two electric booster blowers are responsible for grain transport.


    The system requires the following to be memorized:
  • - the desired amount of grain to be sown per hectare
  • - the working width of the machine on which the seed drill is mounted
  • the dose that the sowing shaft dispenses during one complete revolution (this information can be read by the operator from the sowing table or obtained from a calibration test).
    The controller for the proper functioning of the machine needs one more parameter:
  • - operating speed, about which information is sent in real time to    the computer by a sensor from the copy wheel or GPS antenna


A dedicated computer is responsible for accurate metering of the seed. The user-friendly module allows the operator to control and adjust basic seeding parameters.


The great advantage of this method of spreading the sown material is the certainty of its even distribution in the field regardless of weather conditions (wind) prevailing during the agrotechnical procedure.


The spreading plates are mounted on a special beam. They can be arranged at different intervals depending on the working width of your machine on which the seeder is mounted. SP is dedicated for aggregates with a working width in the range from 2 to 6 meters.


 The standard complete SP set includes a seeder with complete electrical installation and mounting plate, flexible seeding lines (20 m), eight seeding plates and a plate beam with handles.


The machine equipped with a computer gives the operator the widest range of possibilities, and the sensor system integrated with it sends in the present time additional information about the sowing parameters - among others by alerting the operator with a low grain level in the seeder box.




The menu scheme for the AP2 controller

Menu diagram for the AP2 controller - Deutsch

Menu diagram for the AP2 controller - English

User manual for the AP2 controller

User manual for the AP2 controller - Lithuanian
Meniu schema AP2 valdikliui

Dimensions of SP seed drills with electric fan drive

Dimensions of SP seed drills with hydraulic fan drive