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DZIK - Projection seeder for superstructure

A – Basic equipment:

  • Seeder for buffer strips (protection from wild animals)
  • Mechanic seeding system
  • No dosage regulation

ModelWeight (kg)*Width (m)Capacity (l)
DZIK 70 1.5 - 2.0 260

* The given weight is approximate and may differ from the actual one, depending on the equipment and configuration.


One of the ways to limit the damage caused by wild animals, in addition to fences, night duty in the fields, the cultivation of occlusal plots, etc. is the use of so-called barriers. After arranging the location with the appropriate Forest District, we put the lanes deep into the forest to draw the animals away from the neighboring fields. For this purpose, we use administrative division lines departmental lines, old skidding routes, unpaved roads, etc. In these places with a width of several and a length of 100-400 meters at least once a week we pour attractive feed for wild boars and other animals (corn, other cereals, acorns, chestnuts, potatoes, etc.) .Then the forage is covered with a plow or disc harrow. The point is that the wild boar, searching for a tasty food, stay in the strip for as long as possible, i.e. in the depths of the forest and not go out into the fields. We no longer need to manually spread the feed before the tractor with the disc harrow, which was very labor-intensive, and thus also very expensive. A machine operated by one man doses the forage, covers it with a disc harrow and at the same time rolls lightly. With all-season belt cultivation (except for the permafrost), these are considerable savings. The changing structure of arable crops and excessive reproduction of wild boars causes an increase in damage and conflicts on the farmer-hunter line increase. This encourages hunters to take action to prevent escalation of damage. An important element of these activities is the use of stop belts, in which the "DZIK" machine mentioned above will help significantly.