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AQUILA Disc Compact - Pneumatic grain seeder

A – Machine base:

  • disc harrow with two rows of 410x5 mm discs with hydraulically adjustable working depth, depth,power harrow (540 rpm)
  • seeder equipped with a 1500 l box, 
  • electrically driven unit, 
  • hydraulic coulter pressure, 
  • hydraulic coulter depth adjustment, 
  • double disc coulters with a diameter of 343 mm and 330 mm copying wheel, 
  • working lights, 
  • lighting for transport.

    B1 – Mandatory equipmen:

    • roller (availabity of rollers on the bookmarker ROLLERS)

      B2 – Mandatory equipmen:

      • Miler computer (sufficient if the tractor has ISOBUS)

          B3 – Mandatory equipmen:

          • half spreading mechanism: mechanical
          • half spreading mechanism: electric

          C-Optional equipment:

          • Electrically switched tramlines
          • Seed flow measuring system (for a set of 20 double disc coulters)
          • Seed flow measuring system (for a set of 24 double disc coulters)
          • Set of hydraulic markers
          • Double coulter harrow set 10/12 pcs. 
          • Power transmission shaft (PTO) (for Aquila Active)

          ISOBUS equipment: when the tractor does not have an ISOBUS connection and terminal

          * Touch 800 +  ISOBUS connection

          * Smart 570 +  ISOBUS connection

          * Smart 430 + ISOBUS connection + M12-CPC cable

          ISOBUS equipment: when the tractor has an ISOBUS connection but without terminal

          * Touch 800 + RS232-CPC cable

          * Smart 570

          * Smart 430 + M12/ CPC cable

          ModelWidth (m)Weight (kg)*Power demand (PS)No. of discs (pcs)Performance (ha/h)Max working depth (cm)Capacity (l)
          AQUILA COMPACT 1500 3.0 2800 150 - 180 24 5.4 10 1500

          * The given weight is approximate and may differ from the actual one, depending on the equipment and configuration.


          The latest product of the AGRO-MASZ company is the Aquila Compact 1500 seed drill combination. The set consists of the ANTS disc cultivator and the AQUILA pneumatic seed drill. The set is characterized by exceptional efficiency and precision of work.


          The AGRO-MASZ pneumatic seed drill has a double riveted hopper with a capacity of 1500 liters. The large capacity will reduce downtime during operation, and the method used to connect the elements of the structure increases its strength and rigidity.


          The sowing apparatus is driven by an electric motor and is constructed in such a way that it is easy to change the metering roller, thus giving a wide range of sown material.


          The seeder also has a hydraulic adjustment of the coulter pressure and sowing depth, which significantly facilitates work with the AQUILA pneumatic seeder.


          AQUILA seeder has a number of facilities and practical solutions, which task is to simplify work as much as possible. One such solution is the control of tramlines and switching off half of the seeding by means of a computer.


          Our latest machine is the first Polish seeder that is able to sow at a speed of 20 km/h.

          FAST DISC UNIT

          The seedbed combination is based on the ANTS disc cultivator. The machine is equipped with two rows of discs with a diameter of 410 mm, which allow you to work at high speeds up to a depth of 10 cm. The working depth is adjusted hydraulically by changing the angle of the disc arms.