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REWO - Lime and fertilizer spreader

A – Machine base:

  • Lime spreader:
  • 8200 litres,
  • powder-coated box,
  • stainless steel loading box,
  • air brakes,
  • road lights
  • Tyres 18.4-34.

    B1 – Hitching end:

    • eye shaped fi 40mm (110x100)
    • ball shaped  K80 (110x100)

      B2 – Hitch type:

      • tractor top-mounted version
      • tractor lower link version

        B3 – Slide:

        • Single slide valve (one actuator)
        • Split gate valve (4 actuators)

        B4-Adapter + discs:

        Adapter + disks for spreading lime

        Adapter + fertiliser discs (14-24m)

        C – Optional equipment:

        • Tarpaulin
        • Border spreading, right side (only available for version with split slide)

        ModelCapacity (l)Width (m)Weight (kg)*Power (KM)Permissible gross weight (kg)
        REWO 8200 8200 8 - 24 3200 100 - 130 12000

        * The given weight is approximate and may differ from the actual one, depending on the equipment and configuration.


        The REWO spreader offers high performance thanks to the 8200-liter hopper and a wide field of application thanks to two types of spreading sets (one configuration for spreading granulated fertilizers, the other for spreading lime).

        Our spreaders are the optimal offer for large and medium-sized farms. A large clearance under the frame and a sufficiently wide track width give an idea of the great possibilities of the machine and also allow top dressing.                                             


        With a capacity of 8,200 liters, you will feel a noticeable saving in working time by reducing the number of trips to fill the tank. It was made of quality steel with a properly designed volume to allow loading with a loader, from a silo or from bigbags.

        The optimal angle of wall inclination ensures even sliding of the fertilizer even when working on slopes. For convenient operation during loading, the machine is equipped with a wide platform with a folding ladder.


        Inside the crate there is a frame preventing lime churning during long journeys with maximum filling.

        You will use the maximum capacity of your spreader regardless of the humidity of the fertilizer or lime being spread.                                            


        The comfort of daily operation is mainly influenced by technical solutions that prevent the transmission of vibrations to the tractor from the spreader, which is exposed to heavy loads when working with a full tank. The special design of the tank, the correct arrangement of the amortized axle and the drawbar suspension system are solutions that guarantee your comfort. The machine runs stable also with an empty tank.                                            

        After completing the work, unplugging the machine you will appreciate the fact that the spreader has a large, comfortable and stable support foot.


        The transmission system transmitting the drive from the road wheel to the belt is the most precise on the market. The system is based on a gearbox hydraulically activated from the tractor cabin with a gear wheel moved by a chain built on the wheel hub, which completely eliminates the possibility of slipping. The functioning of this system is not affected by a change in the configuration of the road wheels or tires.

        The system is equipped with transport protection for safe transport on public roads. Controlling the system using the tractor's hydraulics is comfortable but also safe. When fertilizer or lime in the tank ends or you want to drive to another field you have the opportunity to react immediately and turn off the system. So your attention is focused on driving the tractor.


        You will achieve excellent spreading results by adapting your spreader equipment to the characteristics of the spreading substance. That is why the dispenser responsible for directing an even dose of fertilizer falling from a feeder to a specific point on the plate is so important.

        Optimal tuning of the valve and dispenser, selection of the type of discs and adjustment of the blades on the discs will allow you to achieve the desired effect in the form of even distribution of the desired fertilizer.


        Precise dosing is easy thanks to the large scale, which reflects the size of the gap between the slide and the feeder. The system is equipped with an actuator, which allows fluent (stepless) and precise setting of the required dose.


        The spreading mechanism is based on two easily replaceable centrifugal discs. Two types of discs to choose from: two-blade discs for granulated fertilizers and five-blade discs for dust fertilizers and lime. The discs are made of stainless steel which ensures their long life and effectiveness. The spreading disc drive is transmitted by means of the tractor PTO mechanism.

        You don't have to think about using the gear in everyday use, because the whole system works in an oil bath. We follow one principle in regulation: simplicity. Only uncomplicated control systems of the spreader parameters allow you to focus on work, not on controlling the machine's behavior. This principle also works when adjusting disc blades for precise determination of the working width.


        The efficient metering system for spreading material is based on a solid feeder. REWO fertilizer spreaders have a floor conveyor belt made of high-strength plastic mix as standard. The tape is resistant to abrasion and stretching, which guarantees long and maintenance-free use of the machine.

        The feeder will not bevel even at high and uneven load because it is run in a cone roller system. You will appreciate the simple screw adjustment of the tensioner used to properly match the performance characteristics of the belt to the mass and humidity of the materials to be spread.



        Difficult weather conditions can be fatal to material transported without adequate protection. It is worth equipping your spreader with a tarpaulin for the tank. Do not be surprised by external conditions.