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POH - Reversible plow with hydraulic protection

A – Machine base:

  • hydraulic protection against stones
  • furrow width: 35, 40, 45, 50 cm
  • frame height 76 cm
  • body distance 100 cm
  • furrow closed-work, open-work or XL
  • shares and breasts type 18"
  • shear above mouldboard

    B1 – Reversing cylinder for ploughs with bodies spacing of 85cm:

    • TYPE I (reversing cylinder)
    • TYPE II (reversing cylinder + alignment cylinder)
    • TYPE III (reversing cylinder with memory chip + alignment cylinder)

    B1 – Reversing cylinder for ploughs with bodies spacing of 100cm:

    • TYPE I (reversing cylinder)
    • TYPE  II (reversing cylinder with memory chip)

      B2 – Mandatory equipment - wheel mechanism:

      • rear transport and working depth wheel 10.0/80 R12
      • rear transport and working depth wheel 26 x 12.00-12
      • side transport and working depth wheel 10.0/80 R12
      • side transport and working depth wheel 26 x 12.00-12
      • side double working width wheel
      • rear transport and working depth wheel with shock absorbing 10.0/80 R12
      • rear transport and working depth wheel with shock absorbing 26 x 12.00-12

        C-Optional equipment:

        • arm of the levelling roller
        • rolling coulter (2 pcs.) plough version 2019 (not available with side wheels on 3 furrow versions)
        • cutting knives per body (2 pcs.)
        • extension bars for body 2 pcs. (not available with openwork mouldboards)
        • skimmers for the whole plough 2017 version:
          >with standard furrow
          >with furrow for corn (unavailable with a disc coulter)
        • additional furrow
          >spring protection, full mouldboard
          >spring protection, open-work mouldboard
          >spring protection, mouldboard XL type

        ModelWidth (m)Weight (kg)*Power demand (HP)No. of furrows (pcs)Performance (ha/h)Working depth max (cm) (cm)
        PO3 1.05 - 1.50 1250 80 - 115 3 0.8 - 1.3 30
        PO4 1.40 - 2.00 1500 115 - 140 4 or 3+1 1.0 - 1.7 30
        PO5 1.75 - 2.50 1740 130 - 180 5 or 4+1 1.2 - 2.0 30

        * The given weight is approximate and may differ from the actual one, depending on the equipment and configuration.


        Reliability and ease of use enclosed in a solid construction. Our plows combine these features and will certainly meet your requirements. An adequate clearance under the frame of 76 cm and a body spacing of 100 cm guarantee covering even a significant amount of crop residues and catch crops.

        The use of quality steel allowed for a very durable construction with the lowest total weight of the machine in its class. The frame (profile 140 x 140 mm) made of steel with improved parameters, thermally improved, ensures that the plow will cope even in difficult conditions. Our experience, opinions of satisfied customers, and continuous tests allow us to create new solutions, which results in the next generation of rotary plows.


        Hydraulic body protection for heavy and stony soils. Each body reacts independently to obstacles, and the actuator allows you to minimize the forces arising during a collision and to quickly return the body to the precisely set working position. The unique technology of making articulated points located on the connection of each body with the pocket allows you to lead plowing in almost any conditions without stress.

        Each body maintains its position until the share blade exceeds the force set on the central unit. With such a high force, the bodies are released. We can set this value taking into account field conditions. One plow, and "flexible" enough to find in all conditions.
        The load that must be applied to the body for the hydraulic protection to operate is max 900 kg (120 bar).


        Our bodies work even at speeds of up to 10 km / h. The work of each body gives the effect of even furrow edges with full inversion of each furrow, even with a large amount of organic residues. Much of this is due to the cylindrical-screw type depot, which puts little resistance additionally significantly reducing fuel consumption. The bodies are also great at crushing larger lumps of soil.

        As standard, shear bars mounted on each body work on soils with a large amount of crop residues, without reducing the clearance between the bodies, as in the case of using skimmers, and thus do not cause the risk of clogging the machine. You will certainly appreciate the simple screw regulation of the depot and the angle of attack of the whole body, especially when you set low fuel consumption as a determinant of effective work.


        The corrugated disks with a diameter of 500 mm both for the models with bolt and suspension spring protection improve significantly the visual effect of the plough work. While separating a furrow-slice from the undisturbed soil the disk coulters determine the most exact turnover of the furrow-slice leaving a clean furrow with smooth walls. The coverage effect of the agricultural crop residues is increased as a result of the operation of the coulters as well.

        Just like all working elements the coulters are also protected against damage in the heavy soil conditions. In this case the protection is realised by a spring with adjustable pressure force. However, the optimum working position of the disk coulter can be achieved by means of toothed adjusting blocks.


        When plowing fallow land, meadows or pastures, extension slats mounted on mouldboards are extremely useful.


        As part of one pass, we carry out plowing and secondary soil compaction while crushing large lumps of soil, leaving the field well prepared for subsequent treatments. The shaft arm is adjustable and the shaft coupling / uncoupling is automatic.


        To achieve the fullest effect of mixing with the soil and covering crop residues, the plow can be equipped with a set of skimmers. Determining the optimal position of their work is possible thanks to multi-step adjustment. The position of the skimmers is easily changed by means of an adjustment screw, which blocks the position of the skimmer.

        Each skimmer has universal and popular overload protection in the form of a break screw. Each individual handle of the skimmer is mounted to the main body pocket, which guarantees that the working geometry of the skimmer will be identical to the work characteristics of the body on which it is mounted. Skimmers are particularly well suited to working on corn stubble. When the user decides that the use of shear bars gives a satisfying effect, he can quickly dismantle the skimmers and return to the previous configuration.

        ADDITIONAL FURROW (spring protection, full mouldboard)

        ADDITIONAL FURROW (spring protection, open-work mouldboard)

        ADDITIONAL FURROW (spring protection, mouldboard XL type)