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IKAR - Pneumatic grain seed drill (front)

A – Machine base:

  • 1800 l hopper
  • electrically driven unit
  • pneumatic seed transport driven by hydraulic blower 
  • front lighting

    B1 – Mandatory equipment - suspension system:

    • Hitch on the front three-point linkage
    • Front coupling with 10/75 r15.3" steerable press wheels

      B2 – Mandatory equipment - material transport adapter between IKAR seed drill and distributor head:

      • Transport adapter version 1.

        B3 – Mandatory equipment - distribution head:

        • fertilizer head for 10 coulters, a set of sowing nozzles and a holder for attaching to the RUNNER 30
        • fertilizer head for 16 coulters, a set of sowing nozzles and a holder for attaching to the RUNNER 50

            B4 – Mandatory equipment - control:

            • Miler computer (sufficient when the tractor has ISOBUS)

                C – Optional equipment:

                • 250 kg weight set (only for front hitch version with 10/75 R15.3" press wheels)

                ISOBUS equipment: when the tractor does not have an ISOBUS connection and terminal

                • Touch 800 + ISOBUS connection
                • Smart 570 +  ISOBUS connection
                • Smart 430 + ISOBUS connection+ M12-CPC cable

                ISOBUS equipment: when the tractor has an ISOBUS connection without a terminal

                • Touch 800 + RS232-CPC cable
                • Smart 570
                • Smart 430 + M12/ CPC cable

                ModelWidth (m)Weight (kg)*Power demand (HP)No. of discs (pcs)No. of knifes (pcs)Performance (ha/h)Max working depth (cm)Capacity (l)
                IKAR + AQUILA DISC 3.0 2800 150 - 180 24 - 5.4 10 1500
                IKAR + AQUILA ACTIVE 3.0 2800 150 - 180 - 24 3.0 10 1500

                * The given weight is approximate and may differ from the actual one, depending on the equipment and configuration.

                FOR BALANCE

                The front hopper is a universal tool for sowing seeds and fertilizer. It is mounted on the front of the tractor, so it also acts as a weight. Thanks to this solution, we achieve better weight distribution on the front and rear tractor axles, thanks to which the maneuvering of the set becomes easier, the soil is compacted to a lesser extent, and the demand for tractor power is reduced.

                ADAPTED TO EVERYONE

                The sowing apparatus is driven by an electric motor and is constructed in such a way that it is easy to replace the dosing roller, thus giving a wide range of sown material.

                COMFORTABLE WORK

                A powerful blower does not allow the seed to block, which translates into longer work without downtime.


                The IKAR tank can be equipped with compaction wheels, which level the soil between the tractor wheels, which improves the quality of sowing.

                The Ikar can also be used as an AQUILA pneumatic seed drill. By combining the tank with a specially prepared aggregate equipped with coulters and a distributing head, we obtain a cultivation and sowing set with high efficiency.


                The front tank can be combined into cultivation configurations, which enable the fertilizer to be sown directly onto the cultivated soil - it is enough to equip a distributor head with the appropriate number of outputs.

                25 KG WEIGHT

                TOUCH800 TERMINAL 

                SMART 570 TERMINAL WITH CABLES

                SMART 430 TERMINAL WITH CABLES

                ISOBUS HARNESS